Services Offered


Either I or one of my trusted team, moves into your home, caring for your pets, keeping the routine of cleaning/garden staff and general running of your home in your absence.
Comprehensive notes are taken by me and where possible a sitter is matched to suit your requirements.


This is done by me personally.  I have completed a first aid course and a few years ago did a very intensive 12 week course through St Luke’s Hospice.  I instinctively know what to do in most situations.  I had cared for my husband who was totally bed-ridden for the last 5 months of his life.

I have also recently moved into a client’s home and cared for her until her untimely death 6 weeks later.   I administered schedule 6 medicine, as instructed by her oncologist, also monitoring oxygen 24/7.  This client was a very private person and was not interested in going into a hospice facility, preferring to be in her own home with her animals.  


A couple of the ladies on my team and myself act as “substitute mom “ while you are away.  This includes taking/collecting child/children to/from school, after school activities and any other necessary appointments that need to be attended to.